Hard Floor Cleaning

Businesses and retail stores cannot afford to miss out on a positive first impression with prospective clients. The first glimpse a customer has of a company often determines the future of the relationship. It may be tempting to focus on other priorities but having a clean and welcoming floor is a crucial factor for business success. This attention to detail reflects positively on a company as a whole, demonstrating the company’s willingness to provide service that goes beyond the minimum. Prospective clients and customers can readily see that they have found a professional company with the highest standards of quality and excellence, from the ceiling down to the floor.

hard floor cleaning - office

Many businesses do not have the time and manpower to devote to floor-cleaning. Employees working for the company usually have many other duties and cannot provide professional floor-cleaning services. We understand that growing and supporting a business is an integral part of employee work, and it can be difficult to find the time to devote to professional floor-cleaning. This is where CALPINE Cleaning Services steps in to provide commercial floor-cleaning services to keep floors sparkling. Our staff of professional floor-cleaners has the knowledge and skills to shine your floors, so they are pristinely clean to greet customers. Freeing up employee time to devote to serving customers.

We can also strip and seal as a part of our floor-polishing services. The amount of foot traffic will determine the timing for strip and seal, but the average timeline is normally between six months and one year.

Clean and well-maintained floors offer greater slip and fall protection and using the proper cleaning and finishing techniques is critical for maintaining the slip-resistance rating of your floor.