High Level Vacuuming

If you have high level areas in your building that need to be cleaned, let CALPINE cleaning services help. Our staff has been trained to clean high level, difficult to reach areas which are often neglected within many facilities.

High level vacuuming provides significant cost savings over scaffolding or man lifts, which require trade certification, together with removing many safety factors for both operators and staff. Our high-level vacuuming means no down time or cordoned of areas which can result, for you, in lost production and increased costs.

Moisture, dust and debris can build up and can cause further problems if not taken care on a regular basis. We can reach ledges, lights, pipes, beams, air blower ducting etc, which has previously been inaccessible.

high level vacuuming

Types of Properties we clean:
• Food Processing Facilities
• Production Facilities
• Warehouses
• Industrial units
• Hotels
• Shopping Malls
• Schools
• Sports Halls
• Condo Complexes

Advantages of using our high level vacuum cleaning team.

  • Removes dust, dirt and debris from hard to reach areas and will assist in preventing contamination due to debris falling into unwanted areas
  • Cosmetic Improvement as a clean facility improves work moral and facility image
  • Keeps your staff safe