CALPINE “Total Clean” a program for effective carpet maintenance.

Why this is of the highest importance for your carpet’s appearance and your bottom line.

At Calpine we work with businesses to keep their carpets and hard flooring clean year-round and at the same time offering significant savings. We clean your carpets monthly, quarterly or whatever schedule suits your requirements, ensuring that your carpets look great every day. Our clients love the convenience that their carpets are clean, being looked after year-round and that they can spread the cost throughout the year to suit their budgets.

hard floor cleaning - office reception

Carpets are the most effective floor covering for any business because they provide many benefits, such as reduced noise pollution, improved indoor air quality and reduced slip-and-fall accidents. Clean carpets also provide a presently clean environment where staff, customers and clients can enjoy working and visiting.

commercial carpet cleaning

Of all the floor coverings in a business carpets are the most difficult to keep clean and maintain, while ensuring a good visual appearance.

Developing an effective maintenance plan for your carpets is of the highest importance to its appearance and the lifecycle costs it will offer you. These costs include purchasing, installation and disposing of your flooring and with investing hundreds of thousands of pounds on carpets, maintenance of that carpeting is not just about cleaning; it’s about “managing an expensive asset”.

  • A clean appearance is vital for any successful business
  • Productivity and profitability are enhanced in a clean building
  • A clean building promotes better health
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning is better for our planet
  • Properly maintained carpet lasts longer
  • Last longer saving your business money