Construction and renovation work can be messy, resulting in significant amounts of rubble and debris. These materials eventually need to be removed, as they not only affect the appearance of the building but also pose safety hazards for people nearby. Fortunately, the cleaning specialists at CALPINE cleaning services can provide a professional builder clean. Whether you want dirt and dust cleared away or large chunks of debris removed, we have you covered.

Comprehensive Results

The team at CALPINE cleaning services have developed a reputation for working in an efficient and professional manner. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive builders cleans that cover every aspect of your property. This includes windows and ledges, walls and ceilings, floors and staircases, toilets and sinks, bathtubs and showers, door frames and floor boards, switches and sockets, and much more. Nothing gets overlooked when we start cleaning.

builders cleaning

Extensive Expertise & Experience

A privately-owned family business, CALPINE cleaning service has provided builders cleans for many satisfied clients.